Computer Lab

Current hours:  Mon-Sat from 10:00 a.m. to noon


The lab has computers with printing capability and high-speed Internet connections. Volunteer lab monitors staff the facility to help you with your questions to the limit of their personal ability. 

Classes and Workshops

Due to COVID-19 we are currently unable to have classes and workshops.  Normally classes are held in the fall and winter. We anticipate being able to hold classes again in Fall 2021.  We are always open to suggestions for new classes.  Please put suggestions on the clip board in the Computer Lab or send an email to


Current Board Members

Past President:  Elaine Prom

President:  Walt Pinkus

Vice President:  Frank Jacoby

Treasurer:  Taylor "Sandy" Sanford

Secretary:  Vacant

Members at Large:  Phyllis Hallatt

Members at Large:  Stan Flanagan

Communication with Our Members


We have implemented a new email system as of March 2021 with the address Members can reach us through this email account. 

We also have a membership database (effective March 2021) which we will use to send email notifications to members with information about upcoming programs and the Zoom links needed to attend. This information will also be sent on the LW Post. 

A monthly newsletter and additional features for this website will be added in the near future for our members. Members will also have access to recordings of our Zoom meetings so they can still watch the meeting if they are unable to attend. 

Currently the  website contains general information about the club, a program calendar, and descriptions of our upcoming programs. Additional information and a "members only" section will be added soon. The Club also maintains a bulletin board in the computer lab with additional information. 


Members and potential members can contact us at

Committee Chairs

Program Director:  Chris Wrzenski

Membership Director:  Michael Beck

Communication Director:  Cathy Balmer