Computer Lab

    Oct - May 10am - Noon Mon thru Sat. 

       1 pm - 3 pm Mon. Tues. Wed. Fri.

      High Speed internet connected computers with printing capability.  Volunteer lab monitors staff the facility to help you with your questions to the limit of their personal ability. 


      Saturday Q&A and Workshop

    Oct - May 9-10am in Rec. 1 Theater

We have Tech news updates, Android operating system info., helpful hints on Windows systems and software followed by a questions from the floor.  No question is too basic.


Classes are held in the fall and winter and the number of sessions e.g. 1 to 4+ are dependent on the topic being taught.  We are always open to suggestions for new classes.  Please put suggestions on clip board in the Computer Lab.


      Reference Info on the Cloud

The club maintains a Drop Box account.  Club members can access this account and find info. from manuals, club documents and valuable links to information.  Join the club and get info on how to access this information.



             Elaine Prom              Pres. (480) 949-7126

             Alan Yapp                  V. Pres. (210) 426-6864

             Pat Billingsley          Sec'y  (480) 807-1175                                  Carolyn Vickerman  Dir.  (303) 775-7254

             Mike VanDernoot     Dir.    (623) 738-5050

             Phyllis Hallatt           Past Pres. (480) 396-7398

             Jackie Anderson       Treas. (480) 985-8503

    How We Communicate with Our Members


 This  website contains a calendar of events, information on classes, separate pages for each of our special interest groups(SIGS), club bylaws and a "What's New" page. We also maintain a Computer Center bulletin board the lab.

 We also have a membership data base which enables us to send out e-mails with important information to the entire club or to selected members based on interests, classes or SIGs.  To reach the club via e-mail our address is