We have several full programs lined up for the remainder of this season:

  • March 29:  This program will focus on Smart Lights as part of a home automation system. These lights have some practical purposes such as safety and being able to turn on and off lights remotely while on vacation to give the appearance of someone being at home.

  • April 5:  This week we will discuss two different topics. The first will be about Chromebooks and whether buying a Chromebook is right for you. The second topic is on the basics of cryptocurrencybitcoin, and blockchain. 


  • April 12:  This program covers three different topics. The first topic is Google Tips and Tricks with many search tips to easily find the information you are looking for. Next you will learn how to easily copy your pictures stored in Google photos to Facebook as well as from Facebook to Google Photos. The final topic is more information about "cord cutting". This video gives additional information about streaming alternatives to cable and satellite TV. 

  • April 19:  This program will be about “The Cloud”. We all hear statements about things being “stored in the cloud”, but what exactly does that mean? And, once it is in the Cloud, how can you find it again “up there”? Join us on the 19th to find out.

  • And finally, on April 26th we will have our grand finale of the season covering Zoom and how meeting participants can use the controls to adjust what they see, how they see it, and how to participate in the meeting. We hope to be “back to normal” sometime in the future, but Zoom meetings will be here to stay, so join us on the 26th to learn how to use Zoom most efficiently.