Starlink Download Speeds reported by PC Magazine (05/05/2021)

We talked about Starlink during our last program in April. Michael Kan from PC Magazine reports results from Speedtest, which mapped out download rates for Starlink users across North America. Read about it here.  

Do you have a Chromebook? Here are 12 things you may not know about from Gizmodo (04/28/2021)

Here is an article from Gizmodo promoting 12 things you may not know you can do on your Chromebook. Check out their list here.  

The Best Smart Home Devices for 2021 from PC Magazine (04/26/2021)

We talked about home automation and different devices available at one of our meetings this Spring. Click here to find out which devices PC Magazine thinks are best. 

The Best Free Google Extension according to PC Magazine (04/25/2021)

Extensions allow you to customize you experience online. The editors at PC Magazine published their list of what they believe are the best among the extensions available for Google Chrome.  Some are specific to Google, but others work on multiple platforms. The article was updated on 03/29/2021 but was in their newsfeed again on 04/25/2021. Click here to check out their list.

How to Make Your Windows PC Boot Faster from PC Magazine (04/17/2021)

The editors at PC Magazine have some tips to get your Windows PC to boot faster. Click here for more information