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                                      CLub Meetings

                               Mondays  -  October to May

                      In Leisure World Rec. 1 Ballroom

                8:45 am to 9:00 am Club information meeting

             9:00 am Presentation on a specific topic

             10:00 am -  round table discussions for those

             wish to stay discuss the morning's topic or

             related subjects.                                                 

              8:30 am 1st Monday of month, business

              meeting and refreshments.


              Watch the LW News, LW Post, and bulletin boards

              for information.

                Social Events

              Christmas Get Acquainted Gathering

                  2nd Monday In December

                   Rec 1 Ballroom 9 am

         Details via E-mail and on club website

         You must be a member to attend.


    Volunteer Recognition Day

Held in March, will be annouced later in the year.  Social Committee is planning this event.

                            Club Board Meeting  - Open

                                   October to May

                    Check the LWCC  calendar on the website for

                    date and location.

                           Annual Club Meeting

      Held 2nd Monday in March at 8:45am in Rec 1   Ballroom

      Election of Club Officers and Directors

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