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Did you receive many Christmas cards? It is great to hear from your relatives and friends and especially great if they made the card themselves. The Leisure World Craft S. I. G. did and can construct those cards. The Craft S. I. G. meets the second and third Monday of each month at 1:00-3:00 p. m. in the Computer Classroom, Rec. 1.

The group uses the program, Print Shop and Zing, which is a card and cutting machine to craft their cards. The members are well versed in use of both so if you wish to join the group they will assist you. Each month they select a theme for the cards and in December it was Christmas, in January the theme is Happy New Year and February is Valentines. If you are interested in joining this great card making group contact Marlene Keil at (email)

The group has no officers and all are joint helpers. Examples of what they do can be viewed in the case outside the Computer Lab. The December was Christmas ornaments shaped into a tree and they were all cut out with the Zing.

The Craft S. I.G. is a great group and it is a wonderful activity to make your own cards for Birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries, Holidays, Congratulations, Get Well, Condolences and any Happy Occasions. Come on and join this great group.

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