The LWCC has available, resources that have been obtained from various sources for member use. They are stored on the Club drop box.  To access the drop box, follow the instructions below.


 1) Click on a link which will take you to one of the drop boxes.

 2) Find the the folders containing the items  that you want to  view  then click the folder to open it.

 3) Click on the item or the title of the item you wish to view.


    List of resources on the current drop box.


1. Maricopa Library presentation on library resources.

2. How to instructions on Library programs - Zinio, Hoopla, Freegal, and Rocket learn a language.

3. Club by-laws

4. Club BoD meeting minutes

5. Bob G. Seminar notes on keeping your devices safe

6. Block chain and cryptocurrency - glossary of terms and links to info. resources.  (This is for information purposes only.)