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Welcome to the Leisure World

Computer and Technology Club Website

The Leisure World Computer and Technology Club (LWCTC) is a service organization to our Leisure World Community that functions through  the support of volunteers. Our Monday morning programs are designed to provide information about computers and technology that is of interest to seniors. We focus on aspects of technology that we can use in our daily lives. Topics include streaming, home automation, cybersecurity, iPhone and Android apps, wearable technology, and of course computers but the technology side is a huge part of what we do. We aren't just about computers anymore. Programs are held from November through April each year. Descriptions of our upcoming programs can be found in the Program Calendar page. 

We welcome everyone from the very beginner to the technology guru.

For the 2022-2023 season, we will continue to conduct our Monday programs in a hybrid format. We will meet in person in the LW Theater at Rec 1 and broadcast the meeting via Zoom unless otherwise specified.  New this year are day and evening meetings and roundtable discussions in the areas of Apple products including iPhones and iPads, Android phones and apps, Chromebooks, computer safety and security, genealogy, and more. Members will receive information about upcoming events. Information is also updated on the Club's calendar page of this website. Members will also have the opportunity to participate in other meetings such as Q&A sessions, classes, and meetings on other topics.

 Join the Club! 

Click on the "Join Us" link below to complete our membership form. This will add your name and email address to our member database. Members will receive notifications about upcoming programs, meetings, and events. Recordings of Zoom meetings are also available on the Program Recordings page of this website. 


Membership years begin on October 1 and end on September 30. Dues are $10 per manor per year and can be given to the club treasurer or other officer at LWCTC meetings, placed in the drop box located in the computer lab, or new this season via credit card through the Club's website (see below). Make Checks Payable to: "Leisure World Computer Club".  

Membership is just $10 per manor per year and will give members access to additional programs other than the Monday morning programs which are available to all LW residents.

Online Membership payment currently suspended!

Please click on the button below to pay membership dues online using a credit card. You will receive confirmation of your payment at the email address you used when you signed up for the Club. If you would like to change the email address you would like us to use, please click on the "Join Us!" button above and re-enter your information and new email address. 

Thank you!

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 Volunteer Opportunities


We invite you to join the club as a volunteer in addition to participating in our club meetings and programs.  In-depth computer knowledge is not required.  There are many ways members can help and participate with the club including helping with one of our committees or becoming a monitor in the computer center.  Those who are more technically inclined, may wish to join our equipment maintenance team or volunteer to teach a class or lead a discussion group on a topic in which they have special knowledge or interest. 


All jobs or tasks are equally important in keeping our club vibrant and of service to our community.  Working together, we can learn from each other and have fun!!! 

Thank you for visiting our page!

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